The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best Video Brochure Manufacturer

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    Are you looking to launch a video brochure campaign? Want to ensure you choose the best manufacturer? This guide covers everything from assessing quality to understanding customization options and evaluating pricing.

    Overview of Video Brochures and Their Benefits

    Ferrari video brochure

    What is a video brochure?

    Video brochures are a type of marketing tool that combines the traditional print brochure with modern video technology. Essentially, they are physical brochures that have a small LCD screen, speakers, and a rechargeable battery inside. When the brochure is opened, the video starts playing automatically, showcasing the product or service being promoted. Video brochures can also include additional features such as touchscreens, buttons, and USB ports.

    How they work

    The way video brochures work is quite simple. The video brochure has a magnetic switch that activates the screen and speakers when the brochure is opened. The video starts playing automatically, and viewers can watch the video, listen to the audio, and interact with any additional features included in the brochure. The rechargeable battery ensures that the video brochure can be used multiple times, and the USB port allows for easy charging and file transfer. Overall, video brochures are a highly engaging and effective marketing tool that captures the attention of the audience and communicates the brand message effectively.

    What are the benefits of using video brochures?

    Video brochures engage audiences with moving images and sound, increasing brand awareness and driving measurable results. They are convenient, portable, and customizable, making them ideal for events like trade shows and sales meetings. With video content that can be easily updated, they are a cost-effective and powerful marketing tool.

    Video Card
    Video Card

    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Video Brochure Manufacturer


    Ensure that the video brochure manufacturer can deliver high-quality products that reflect your brand standards. The key elements to pay attention to include the screen, printing, and battery, which all contribute to the overall quality of the video brochure. Make sure that the manufacturer can deliver a video brochure with a high-quality screen that displays your content vividly, high-quality printing that accurately represents your brand, and a battery that provides long-lasting power.

    What is the video brochure screen difference?

    The video brochure screen difference refers to the variation in screen size, resolution, and quality among different video brochures. Some video brochures may have larger screens than others, while some may have higher resolution or a better-quality display. The screen difference can impact the overall visual experience for the user, affecting the clarity and vibrancy of the content displayed on the screen. It’s essential to consider the screen size, resolution, and quality when selecting a video brochure, as these factors can impact the effectiveness of your marketing message and the overall user experience.

    What is the difference between video brochure printing?

    The video brochure printing difference refers to the variation in printing quality, color accuracy, and finish among different video brochures. Different video brochure manufacturers may use different printing methods, which can result in variations in color and print quality. The printing difference can impact the overall appearance and perceived quality of the video brochure, which can have an effect on the effectiveness of your marketing message. It’s important to consider the printing quality, color accuracy, and finish when selecting a video brochure, as these factors can affect the final look and feel of the brochure.

    10inch Video Brochure 2
    10inch Video Brochure 2

    What’s the difference between batteries?

    The video brochure battery difference refers to variations in battery capacity, runtime, and charging methods. It can affect the user experience, with some video brochures requiring more frequent charging or providing limited viewing time. Consider these factors when selecting a video brochure.


    Choose an experienced video brochure manufacturer to guide you and ensure that the final product meets your needs. A manufacturer with over 10 years of experience is a reliable option.


    The majority of video brochure manufacturers are located in Dongguan or Shenzhen in Guangdong, China. While many companies may sell video brochures, most of them are traders rather than actual manufacturers. Therefore, it’s important to research and verify the manufacturer’s credentials before making a purchase.


    Video brochure prices are generally lower when sourced directly from a manufacturer, rather than through a trader. This is because traders purchase the video brochures from manufacturers at a lower price and sell them at a higher price to customers, increasing the overall cost. By working with a manufacturer directly, intermediary costs can be eliminated, leading to a lower price for the video brochure. Therefore, it’s important to locate the real manufacturer to obtain a better price.

    Lead time

    The production time for video brochures varies depending on the quantity, typically taking between 7 to 15 days. This information can be useful in identifying whether the supplier is a manufacturer or trader.

    customer service and support

    The factory engineers can provide direct support to customers for any issues or customization needs. This enables efficient communication and problem resolution, ensuring customer satisfaction with the product or service.

    Packing Video Brochure
    Packing Video Brochure

    Top 10 Video Brochure Companies

    #Company NameWebsiteBrief Description
    1CheerTrendhttps://www.cheertrend.comCheerTrend, a video brochure manufacturer based in China, has over 12 years of experience in the industry. They provide a variety of options such as video brochures, video gift boxes, video business cards, video screens, and video motion frames. CheerTrend is capable of fulfilling small orders promptly and with fast delivery.
    2MediaFasthttps://www.mediafast.comMediaFast is a leading provider of video brochures, combining high-quality video with a printed brochure to create an engaging marketing tool.
    3Americhiphttps://www.americhip.comAmerichip is a global provider of video brochures and other interactive marketing tools. They offer a range of video brochure options, including different screen sizes and print materials.
    4Sound Expression Greetingshttps://soundexpressiongreetings.comSound Expression Greetings specializes in video greeting cards, which can be used for business or personal occasions. Their video brochures can be customized with different designs and messages.
    5Video Plus Printhttps://www.videoplusprint.comVideo Plus Print offers a range of video brochure options, including brochures with built-in video screens and rechargeable batteries. They also offer custom video production services.
    6Funsuperhttps://www.funsuper.comFunsuper offers a range of video brochure options, including brochures with different screen sizes and resolutions. They also offer custom packaging and design services.
    7Vpakhttps://www.vpak.comVpak specializes in creating custom video brochures and other interactive marketing tools. Their video brochures can be customized with different screen sizes and print materials.
    8Video Brochures Dhttps://www.videobrochuresdirect.comVideo Brochures Direct offers a range of video brochure
    9Curvelballhttps://www.curvelball.comCurvelball specializes in creating video brochures that are uniquely shaped and designed. Their video brochures can be customized with different screen sizes and button configurations, and are a great way to grab attention in a crowded marketplace.
    10Vidioh is a provider of video brochure technology, offering a range of video brochures that can be customized with different screen sizes and print materials. They also offer video production services, allowing businesses to create high-quality video content for their brochures.

    Why CheerTrend is the perfect for video brochure?

    1. CheerTrend has over 12 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, providing them with the knowledge and expertise necessary to produce high-quality video brochures.

    2. With their own team of engineers and skilled workers, CheerTrend ensures that each product is of superior quality, both in terms of its appearance and functionality.

    3. CheerTrend has the capability to develop new and innovative products that meet the evolving needs of their clients.

    4. They are committed to meeting the needs of their clients and offer fast shipping options to ensure timely delivery.

    5. CheerTrend has established long-term partnerships with printing factories to ensure the consistent quality of their video brochures.

    6. They are flexible and willing to accept small orders, catering to the specific needs of each client.

    7. CheerTrend’s factory prices are competitive and affordable, making their video brochures an excellent investment for any business.

    8. All of their video brochure materials are of new A-grade quality, giving them a distinct advantage over competitors who may use second-hand screens.

    9. The use of high-quality materials ensures that each video brochure is durable and reliable, providing long-lasting value for clients.

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