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10inch LCD Screen Brochure Examples

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Overview of LCD Screen Brochure

The LCD screen brochure is a captivating marketing tool that utilizes an embedded liquid crystal display (LCD) to showcase high-definition video content. Widely employed in advertising and brand promotion, it serves as a powerful aid for businesses to stand out in the competitive market. Here’s a comprehensive introduction to the LCD screen brochure:

Background and Significance:

With the rapid evolution of technology, traditional advertising methods fall short of meeting modern market demands. The LCD screen brochure, distinguished by its vibrant visual effects and multimedia features, emerges as an attention-grabbing tool, providing robust support for businesses to excel in a competitive landscape.

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Role in Advertising and Brand Promotion

The LCD screen brochure plays a pivotal role in advertising and brand promotion. dynamic video displays, it captures audience interest, enhances brand image, and delivers information more intuitively. Whether at trade shows, business negotiations, or product launches, it serves as a remarkable promotional tool, elevating brand visibility.

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Basic Features of LCD Screen Brochure

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Screen Type

SD (Standard Definition): Offers basic clarity suitable for general promotional needs.
• IPS (Wide Viewing Angle): Provides a broader viewing angle, ensuring clear visuals from different directions.
• Touch Screen: Provides interactivity, allowing users to engage more deeply with the content.

Supported Video Formats

The LCD screen brochure widely supports various video formats, including but not limited to:

• mp4
• mov
• avi

Touchscreen Brochure

What's the cost of the video book?

Video book prices vary based on size, printing, features, quantity and customization. Ask our sales team for exact prices. It depends on how fancy you want it, from cheap to expensive. Since we make them, buying in bulk gets you a wholesale price. It’s between US$10.0 and US$30.0

Video Resolution:

Lcd Brochure Display

Supporting high-definition video with a maximum resolution of 1920*1080 ensures vibrant, high-definition visual effects, enabling the audience to understand promotional content better.

Printing Technology and Effects

While emphasizing screen technology, the LCD screen brochure maintains excellent standards in printing, utilizing various professional techniques and effects

CMYK Printing:

Classic four-color printing technology with high color and text reproduction, resulting in a vibrant and colorful outcome.

Spot Color Printing:

Introduces special colors to highlight brand features, enhancing the uniqueness of the printed material.

Foil Stamping:

Adds a luxurious feel to the brochure with metallic foil stamping, attracting attention.

Spot UV:

Utilizes UV light to create a high-gloss effect, enhancing the layered feel of the printed material.


Mold embossing highlights patterns, providing a richer tactile experience.

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Utilizes debossing techniques to create raised patterns or text, producing a strong tactile effect.

Coating Effects:

• Gloss Coating: Provides a shiny surface for a smooth, glossy appearance.
• Matte Coating: Matte gloss for a soft, high-end feel.
• Soft Touch: Special treatment for a delicate and comfortable surface texture

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Production and Customization Options

Production and customization options are crucial for the performance and appearance of LCD screen brochures. Here are key customization options to meet diverse needs:

Playtime and Battery:

Offering various memory sizes to meet different playtime requirements, the brochure’s built-in battery supports sustained playback, allowing for showcasing video content for approximately 2 hours. Moreover, the brochure is equipped with a rechargeable battery, ensuring on-the-go presentations for uninterrupted communication with the target audience.

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Exterior and Size Customization:

Understanding the uniqueness of each brand, highly customizable options for exterior design and size are provided. Options include standard sizes such as A5 or A4, along with the choice of other sizes. Customization extends to blank designs or prints, ensuring the LCD brochure aligns with the brand image while remaining attention-grabbing.

Button Functions and Configuration:

To enhance user interaction, the brochure supports configurations with up to 12 buttons, each capable of executing different functions based on content requirements. From basic functions like previous, next, volume, play/pause to advanced features like fast forward, rewind, and different video playback options, users can interact flexibly, enhancing the overall user experience.

CheerTrend LCD Brochure: Costs and Benefits

Pricing and Costs: CheerTrend LCD brochure prices vary based on product differences, including screen size, memory, and exterior. Offering diverse choices, it caters to different budgets and requirements.

ROI and Brand Effectiveness: As a tool for brand promotion, CheerTrend LCD brochures emphasize actual effectiveness. Before making a selection, evaluating its tangible contribution to brand promotion goals is essential.

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Recommendations for Choosing CheerTrend LCD Brochure

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Screen, Playtime, Customization: Selecting an appropriate screen size, playtime, and customization options based on specific needs is essential. CheerTrend provides diverse choices to ensure the product aligns with brand requirements.

Buying Recommendations and Considerations: Before purchasing, consulting the professional team at CheerTrend for advice and understanding market feedback is crucial. CheerTrend offers high-quality after-sales service, ensuring long-term support.


The CheerTrend LCD brochure emerges as a powerful tool for brand promotion, enhancing brand visibility through attention-grabbing multimedia displays. Choosing CheerTrend ensures greater success for your brand.

Comparison with Competitors:

The CheerTrend brand stands out in the LCD screen brochure market for several reasons:

Superior Quality: CheerTrend prioritizes details, ensuring superior performance in terms of color, brightness, and stability of LCD screen brochures. Customer reviews and market surveys consistently show that CheerTrend’s product quality surpasses that of competitors.

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Continuous Innovation: In the field of LCD screen brochures, CheerTrend consistently introduces advanced screen technology and interactive features. In comparison to traditional competitors, CheerTrend places a higher emphasis on user experience, continually enhancing product functionality.

Affordable Pricing: CheerTrend distinguishes itself with competitive pricing, leveraging the advantage of factory prices through direct sourcing. Market research indicates that CheerTrend’s products with similar specifications are more competitively priced, offering customers a more cost-effective choice.

In terms of product quality, innovation, and pricing, CheerTrend significantly leads its competitors. Customers prefer CheerTrend for its superior performance and cost-effective LCD screen brochure solutions.

CheerTrend’s position in the LCD screen brochure market is undisputed, recognized for its outstanding quality and leading factory prices.

Market Leadership:
CheerTrend rapidly gained prominence in the LCD screen brochure market through innovation and high-quality products. Endorsements from users and industry professionals alike highlight CheerTrend’s remarkable performance in this field.

Value in Factory Pricing:
One of CheerTrend’s success secrets lies in its excellent factory pricing. By directly collaborating with factories, CheerTrend offers high-performance LCD screen brochures at competitive prices. This enables consumers to enjoy advanced technology in a more economical way.

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Boosting Shopping Confidence:

CheerTrend enhances consumers’ shopping confidence by showcasing its manufacturing capabilities and the advantages of factory pricing in a detailed and intuitive manner. In the LCD screen brochure market, choosing CheerTrend means opting for a leading position and excellent value for money, providing consumers with an exceptional shopping experience.

CheerTrend is not just a choice; it’s a wise decision. Opt for CheerTrend, and you’ll experience the perfect combination of superior quality, innovation, and affordability.

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