How to make a video brochure

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    Step 1: Use double side glue tape paste on the paper card.
    1 2
    Step 2: Paste the eva foam
    2 3
    Step 3: Match the screen with window
    3 1
    Step 4: Glue and fix the video screen on the paper card.
    4 2
    Step 5: fold the paper
    5 1
    Step 6: Put the magnet on the left (must match the Hall switch location) and use doub side tape paste the left side paper.
    6 1
    Step 7: Charge the battery and test function.
    7 1
    Step 8: Clean the brochures.
    Img 20190430 173936
    Step 9: Pack the brochures into opp bag or foam bag.
    9 1
    9 1

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