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Hello, I'm zhangyang lin, the video brochure gear expert.

Hi, I’m zhangyang lin, the funder of, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes video brochures for 12 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to video brochures from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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Low cost video brochure

If you’re looking for the cheapest video brochure? Most of the company are trader, Video brochure
manufacturer in China can help you get the low cost video brochure.

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LCD Video Brochures Design Guide

We have below size you can choose or customized size is also available.

2.4″ screen: 90x52mm, 9x9cm, 21×11.5×0.8cm (Landscape), 5×7″(potrait).
4.3″ screen: 16x11cm, 17.5×12.5×0.8cm,21×11.5×0.8cm(Landscape),21×14.8×0.8cm (Landscape&potrait), A4(portrait)
5″ screen:

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Video brochures FAQ

There is some information that maybe you would like to clarify for you before you go to the next step and process the transactions:

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6 Reasons you want to choose us

Being China-based, we are 20%~30% cheaper than manufacturers in other countries. That means importers and distributors make more money by sourcing with us. We provide the most competitive prices in the market to support our partners.convallis in, nisi. Vestibulum rutrum, mi nec elementum vehicula.

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Video Brochure Technical

by adding the picture,voice and video which can make contentsand appearance abundant and colorful. Wouldn’ t it be great if you could make it easy and fun to watch your product information? or maybe as an invtition card?

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