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Want to order video brochures? This Ultimate Solutions Guide will help you understand all you need to know about video mailers.

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Ultimate Guide Video Brochures Sourcing Cheertrend

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Why Choose CheerTrend.com

How to make the target audience will be interested in you, this is a very important question. Our video business cards do exactly that. This unique book-like device opens up to reveal a high-quality LCD screen, perfect for playing attractive videos, slideshows, or any other digital content you want to showcase. Available in a variety of sizes with either HD or IPS screens, the Video Books is a must-have for any business that wants to stand out from the competition.

With 12 years of experience, CheerTrend is well versed in this field. Yes, you are dealing with masters. You can trust them with your needs and expectations.

Hyundri 7 Inch Video Brochure

HOT Custom Video Content Brochures Card Examples

We are pleased to recommend the following popular video brochures sample library that is very popular around the world. Here are some of our client favorites.

Cheertrend 4.3 Inch Soft Cover

4.3inch softcover video brochures

Cheertrend 5inch Lcd Brochures

5inch video brochures

Cheertrend 7 Inch Brochures

7inch video brochures

10 Inch A4 Size Video Brochures Cheertrend

10.1inch video brochures

Blank Video Brochure

Range of video brochures

An LCD video brochure card is a book that opens up and inside has a screen that plays a video. The choice for video brochures from 2.4 inch, 2.8 inches, 4.3 inches, 5 inch, 7 inches, 10inches

We are very strict in producing our products, from ordering the raw materials to making the finished product, we have to go through several tests. We want to ensure that each video business card is delivered to you in perfect condition.

For example, we carefully select the card stock with flawed printing, the screen with no bright spots or dust, the color and brightness of the screen, whether the battery can be charged, whether the video can be uploaded, and whether the finished product looks perfect.

But it’s all worth it because when consumers receive your creative marketing product, they will be just as happy as when you receive ours.

How Much Does The Promotional Video Brochures Cost?

This will help you if you want to order a video mailer but don’t know what your budget is. Please note that the final cost depends on the customization you need. Such as screen size, memory capacity, finished size, whether you need control buttons, and the number of copies ordered. For example, if you order 500 units of a 4.3-inch video brochure, here is a summary of the costs you will incur

The prices of the following 3 cool printing products are for reference only, 2.4&7 inches promotional video brochures based on A5 size and 10.1 inches bespoke video brochures based on A4 size. The final amazing price needs to be confirmed with our sales staff.

2.4" Video business card

$ 10
95 Unit
  • 2.4" screen
  • 128M memory
  • 500pcs

7" Video Brochure

$ 18
55 Piece
  • 7" screen
  • 128M memory
  • 500pcs

10" Video Brochure

$ 25
95 Unit
  • 10.1" screen
  • 256M memory
  • 500pcs

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

More and more customers are choosing to work with us with great success, and we always make quality and service our top priority. We try to meet the shipping time of our customers as much as possible. Let’s take a look at the whole process of manufacturing and shipping brochures in video format.

Cheertrend Hack Back Video Brochure

Order Process

Step 1 Place A Production Order (2~4 days)

Before placing an order, you need to send us the graphic design, we will check if it meets the requirements, then you pay the deposit and we will arrange to order the required materials.

Step 2 Production (6~9 days)

Paper printing takes about 5-7 days and the modules will be produced at the same time. Finally, the modules are packaged in paper cards.

Step 3 Arrange Transportation (5~7 days)

The quality control department checks the appearance of the finished product and the list of accessories and tests its functionality. After approval, the goods are cleaned and packed.

Production Process


Step 1 Printing

Provide us with the design artwork files to check that there are no problems and then arrange for CMYK printing.

Cheertrend Video Screen Module

Step 2 Making Electronic Modules

Soldering electronic materials including speakers, switches, customizable buttons, batteries, mounting screens charging, and loading new video content.

Assemble video module

Step 3 Assembly and Testing

Install the screen inside the greeting card. QC will check the appearance and test the function

test the button functions and check the screen

Step 4 Cleaning & Packaging

After passing the inspection, clean the appearance, put it into the opp bag, and pack it

Want to know how to compress lead times?

If you have an urgent order and need assistance, please use the special channel

The Basic Knowledge About Custom-Printed Video Mailers Components

If you are starting a video greeting card production or video greeting card sales business, this is the basic information you need to know

The Whole Custom Video LCD Greeting Components

The most important part of the video brochure marketing components is the electronic module containing the screen, battery life, memory, speaker, switch, micro usb port, micro USB cable, and Custom button configuration.

4.3 Inch Video Module


1 of 5


2 of 5
Rechargable Battery


3 of 5


4 of 5
Maget Switch


5 of 5

The screen is the most important part of the video module and there are many different quality screens on the market. Many manufacturers use recycled screens, which are characterized by low brightness, inconsistent colors, black spots, etc. CheerTrend only uses high quality new screens includes HD, IPS and Physical touch screen.

Depending on the quality and length of the video, there are different memory capacity, including 128M, 256M, 512M, 1G, 2G, 4G, 8G, 16G & 32G 

8 Ohm, 1W or 2W speaker. 

Optional electric capacity: 300mAh, 500mAh, 1000mAh, 1500mAh, 2000mAh, 5000mAh, 10000mAh

Up to 12 buttons are available for the following functions: play different videos, play/pause, previous track, next track, fast forward, backward, volume+ & volume- etc.

Switch can do on/off, magnetic control, PIR motion sensor, light sensor

usb can do mini or micro head, can charge or upload video

The Different Sreen Size You Can Choose

2.4 Inch Screen

2.4inch Screen

Resolution: 320x240 Screen size: 48x36mm Display Ratio: 4:3

4.3 Inch Screen

4.3inch Screen

Resolution: 480x272 Screen size: 95x54mm Display Ratio: 16:9

5inch Screen

5inch Screen

Resolution: 480x272 Screen size: 111x62mm Display Ratio: 16:9

7inch Screen

7inch Screen

Resolution: 1024x600 Screen size: 153x86mm Display Ratio: 16:9

10 Inch Screen

10.1inch Screen

Resolution: 1024x600 Screen size: 222x125mm Display Ratio: 16:9

Most Popular Custom Size Brochure

A5 Landscape

A5 Landscape

Closed size: 21x11.5cm

A5 Portrait

A5 Portrait

Closed Size: 21x14.8cm

A4 Landscape 210x297

A4 Landscape

Closed Size: 21x29.7cm



You can make any size you want

What You Need To Know About Art Of Video Brochures And Custom Print



Gloss, Matt, or Soft Touch lamination

Spot Uv

Spot UV

Aclear, glossy coating

Foil Stamp

Foil Stamp

Gold or Silver stamping print finishes

Emboss Deboss


The process of printing an image into your print to create a recessed effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. You submit the artwork files to be printed.

b. We check the artwork to see if it is suitable.

c. You arrange the payment.

d. We will send you some sample pictures and video to verify.

e. Start mass production.

We use 128M memory as a standard, which allows for about 3-5 minutes of video, depending on the quality of the video. Other available sizes are 256M, 512M, 1G, 2G, 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G. If you are not sure how much memory you want to use, you can send us the video file first and our engineers will evaluate the recommended memory.

Video Brochure HS code is 8521909090

2.4″ uses 300mAh, 4.3″ & 5″ uses 500mAh, 7″ uses 1200mAh and 10″ uses 1500mAh A grade battery, which can play continuously for about 2 hours. If you don’t use it, you can leave it for several months, the shelf life of the battery is 1 year and most of the batteries can be used for 3~4 years

For normal products, it takes about 2 weeks for production plus shipping. For special requests, it takes about 3-4 weeks.

Yes, We can speed up production for an additional fee.

If you place an order, we can provide a free sample.

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