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    Competitive Price

    Being China-based, we are 20%~30% cheaper than manufacturers in other countries. That means importers and distributors make more money by sourcing with us. We provide the most competitive prices in the market to support our partners.

    Stable Quality

    Our video brochure card is top quality and perfect apperance, A grade screen, battery and other material. With over 7 years of experience and countless satisfied customers, “stable quality” is not just a slogan for us, but a promise we make to our clients.

    Fast Delivery

    Sample doing time 1~2 days, 100~500pcs production time 7~10 days, 500~1000pcs production time 12 days, 1000~3000pcs production time 15 days, 3000~5000pcs production time 20 days, above 10000pcs production time 30 days

    Small order accept

    We accept sample orders, you can order small quantity like 1pc, 10pcs, 50pcs. Custom printing is acceptable. Quantity below 30pcs we use digital printing, above 30pcs use CMYK printing. Can send us videos for uploading or customer can load videos themselves.

    Payment Method

    Westernunion, MoneyGram, TT(wire transfer), Credit card(visa or mastercard), and sample fee accept Paypal. 30% depost and pay balance before shipment. Remarks: Will send you sample proof picture confirm before mass production.

    Service support

    Do you have problem for the design and videos? We can help you! Pls send us pictures, copy. We can make the design as your requirement. Any video format is ok, we will convert to suitable format. If you want to make the design youself, layout can be provided.

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