Custom Video Mailer Card: Personalized Videos in Book!

Send your customers multiple videos along with printed books using video mailers! These strong marketing tools have a screen that opens up to show the videos, making them ideal for tailoring your messages to different market segments.

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Ultimate Guide Video Brochures Sourcing Cheertrend

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What is a video mailer?

A video mail is like a book that plays videos. It’s a unique mailed promotional package delivering videos straight to you. It includes company introductions, product releases, service details, invitations, and more. You can hand it out or mail it. When opened, the prepared videos start playing just like flipping a book’s pages.

Its main goal is to directly present company information to key decision-makers. It’s for showcasing company details, promoting products, sending event invites, or introducing new members. Often, it’s a direct line to top-level managers and decision-makers. Plus, it allows tailor-made videos for each recipient.

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Best Quality Video Mail Card Example And Hot Products

Are you in search of a video mailer that offers both top-notch quality and affordability? If the answer is yes, then look no further. Our video mailers are highly sought after in the market, and they come at a very affordable price. We understand the importance of being able to forecast demand for your marketing materials, and our video mailers offer the perfect solution to meet your needs without breaking the bank.

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Why Choose Video Mailer Card

When it comes to using video mailer card, the options are endless! Here are a few scenarios to consider:

Launching a new product or service? Captivate potential buyers’ interest without having to book face-to-face meetings – everyone’s busy, after all. Additionally, they are customizable to meet your specific set MOQs

Emails? They’re flooded, lost in an avalanche of competition. Phone calls? Often ignored in a sea of calls and full voicemails. Snail mail? Rarely stands out.

What’s your customer worth? If they’re worth $20, sending a $20-value package might just do the trick, earning you more in return. But if they’re worth more, think big – potentially millions in value.

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So, here’s the plan: create a video brochure! Showcase what your product offers in a video, personalize a message within the brochure with their name, and offer multiple videos – a personalized touch that stands out. It grabs attention, unlike any email or document.

Remember, the trick is in the video brochure. Mail it or hand it to customers personally – it’s attention-grabbing and prompts callbacks. Our customers’ feedback proves its effectiveness. Start by creating your impactful video brochure today!

What is a video brochure?

Video mailers are an amazing way to connect with your potential customers and existing clients. They are reliable methods of reaching out to people, regardless of their location! Here are the reasons why you should consider using them:

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A video brochure is an attention-grabbing marketing tool that combines print with video content, also known as a “video mailer,” “video in print,” “video business card”、” video book” “video box,” or a brochure with a “video screen.”

It features a video screen, speakers, and memory storage embedded within a physical brochure or business card. When opened, it plays dynamic video content, offering an engaging experience for viewers.

These brochures typically showcase product demos, company intros, testimonials, or any desired visual content. Commonly used in marketing, product launches, and brand promotions, video brochures leave a lasting impact and effectively communicate messages.

How Much Does The Video Mailer Cost?

The cost of a video mailer may differ based on factors like the quantity you order, memory size, video quality, and additional options. Generally, you can anticipate a price range of $10 to $30 per video mailer.

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The cost of a video mailer can be broken down into several components:

Material Costs: This encompasses various materials used in creating the video mailer, including the screen, battery, speakers, PCB (Printed Circuit Board), memory, buttons, EVA foam for protective casing, and printing materials.

Labor Costs: This includes labor expenses for design, assembly, packaging, inspection, and the workers involved in the production line. It covers wages for designers, engineers, assembly workers, and related technical staff.

Factory Production Costs: This covers expenses related to equipment, facilities, and operational overhead during the manufacturing process. It includes equipment maintenance, factory rent, office supplies, and utility bills.

Postage: The cost of shipping the video mailer to its destination, which is determined by factors such as weight, size, and the destination of the package.

How to Obtain Video Mailer Samples?

You can get samples from our existing stock or request customized samples. The sample fee will be reimbursed when you place an order.

Video Brochure Wholesale

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Video Mailer Card Free

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Frequently Asked Questions

To ease your concerns, here are important facts about our video business card that you should know.

The video gift box is video brochure is the latest development in video marketing and provides an engaging and interactive way to showcase your video content. The video quality is high definition. These little video screens are big on impact, and video quality. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that's just right for your needs. And, they're easy to use.

No, video brochures do not need batteries. They come with a built-in rechargeable battery that will last.

Absolutely! All our video products are backed by a one-year warranty, protecting against any defects in materials and workmanship.

No, we don't give out free samples of custom video brochures. However, if you decide to place an order, the fee you paid for the sample will be returned to you.

The minimum order quantity for video brochures is just 1 piece.

To make a video brochure, you need to follow a few steps. These include designing and formatting the content, creating the actual video, and designing and putting together the brochure itself. To ensure you create a great video brochure for your company, you'll usually collaborate with a team of designers and content creators.

  1. You can either send us your own design or choose a free template from us.
  2. Once the artwork is confirmed, we will proceed to create samples for your approval. Payment for the samples will be required.
  3. After sample approval, we will begin mass production.
  4. Finally, your order will be shipped to you.

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